EP149: Getting Punched in the Face? We Have a Message You MUST Hear

EP149: Getting Punched in the Face? We Have a Message You MUST Hear


Alex received a very moving letter from Rafael, who quit his job to pursue wholesaling full time. Thank you for your emails and letters and just remember if you’re going through hard times, know that every obstacle you face will strengthen you. Keep pushing forward and keep taking small steps towards your goals!


Key Takeaways:

  • Thank you so much for your emails and giving Alex your feedback on what you think about the show.
  • Alex reads a listener email out loud!
  • Thank you, Rafael, for being vulnerable with your story.
  • Hopefully Rafael’s story inspires you and gives you fuel to improve your business.
  • Keep pushing towards your goals. There’s no such thing as overnight success.
  • Every obstacle you face will make you a better person.
  • What can you do to convert more appointments into deals?
  • Always make sure that a yes is great, but a no is fine as well to a potential seller. It takes some of the pressure off of them and they can relax while you’re touring their home.


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“A map is useless if you don’t know where you want to go. Also, you have to be honest with where exactly you are.”

“If anybody hasn’t told you recently, you can do whatever the hell it is you wanna do.”

“Every obstacle you face, every success you have and experience is going to strengthen you.”


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