EP134: Gregg Cohen on Developing a Passive Income

EP134: Gregg Cohen on Developing a Passive Income


Gregg Cohen in this week’s guest! Alex and Gregg go way back to 2006! Gregg is the founding partner of JWB Real Estate Capital, out in Jacksonville, Florida. Their turnkey company serves just over 550 clients from all over the world. Gregg discusses on this week’s show how you can go from being a wholesaler to owning passive income properties, why company culture is important, and the trick to keeping your tenants in your rentals for several years.


Key Takeaways:

  • This is technically Gregg’s second time recording the show! Technical difficulties happen to everyone.
  • How did Greg get started in this business and what does his business look like today?
  • It’s always been Greg’s end goal to generate passive income from his business.
  • Wholesaling is still a job, at the end of the day. Depending on your goals, wholesaling can be all you need. However, for Greg, he wanted to build something more.
  • If you want a passive income, then take your profits and invest it into a passive income as early as you can.
  • Gregg has made a lot of investments in his company culture. They provide lunch to their employees every day and even take company time off to volunteer.
  • What were some of the steps Gregg took in the very beginning, to build his company culture?
  • Should you hire a good property management company to manage your rental properties?
  • How does Gregg incentivize the tenant to stay long term in his rental properties?
  • What is Gregg’s ideal client who comes and invests with him in turnkey properties?


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“Put some of your profits into a passive income stream and do it as early as you can.”

“If you wait too long, you miss on a lot of benefits of holding assets.”

“You need to treat the resident like gold for this whole model to work. You need happy residents who will stay for years.”


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