EP123: Would you rather be #22 person at Facebook (or #1 of your Company)

EP123: Would you rather be #22 person at Facebook (or #1 of your Company)


Alex recently listened to a podcast by Gary V. about the importance of being self-aware. To piggyback on this topic a little bit, sometimes the problems you’re currently facing in your business can be easily solved by a mutually beneficial partnership. In fact, sometimes, all you need to do is open your mind, think outside of the box, and leverage the resources around you. You don’t have to carry the burden alone!


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex is a fan of Gary V., even though he doesn’t always agree 100% on what he says.
  • Gary V. is always talking about the importance of being self-aware.
  • Alex briefly discusses a buddy of his going through a hard time in his business.
  • When it comes to making deals, open your mind a little bit and partner with people. Don’t have time, but have cash? No cash, but tons of time? There are partners out there for you!
  • Leverage the resources you have! Optimize your life more effectively by having people who can help you.


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Episode 115: Your Unique Genius Zone




“What can you add to somebody else’s business? What can you bring to the table?”

“Are you self-aware? Where do you shine? What do you like doing? These are Q’s you should be asking daily.”

“Maybe you can connect with somebody in your market, somebody who’s doing deals. Add value to that person.”


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