Would You Like Me To Personally
Help YouClose More Real Estate Deals
And Bring In Massive Profits?

Dear Friend,

I’m looking to work with a small group of “dream” clients that I can help close more deals, and bring in massive profits.

If you’re that client, I will personally work with you in a small group setting (6-8 people) to help you double, triple, or maybe even quadruple your revenue for the next 3 months.


Here Is What I Got…

Alex Pardo’s Private Small Group “Close Deals” Coaching Program… This program is not about education — It’s about APPLICATION & ACTION (and you will be held accountable)!

Trust me when I tell you that you don’t need another course! You need to get focused on taking the right kind of action which will then lead to results, and that’s what this program is all about.

Here Is What You Will Get…
(if you can get in)

If you meet certain requirements (more on that below), and after speaking on the phone I feel you are a good fit for the program, you will get:

  • Custom Tailored Action Plan Just For YouThis is not a “one size fits all” type of action plan. I will personally get on the phone with you during our initial kickoff call, and we will figure out a detailed action plan that works for you, your market, and specific to your budget. I will provide you with a marketing plan and scorecard. You will then be held accountable to execute on that action plan during our weekly group coaching calls! You will know EXACTLY what you need to do, and focus on, and this process will involve reporting on your numbers.
  • 3 Months of Small Group Coaching with Alex Pardo To Get Exactly What You Need:
    The “Close Deals” small group coaching program will last 3 months, and their will be an opportunity to continue working together after the 12 weeks
    (if you prove to be an action taker!)
  • Coaching Calls Every WeekWe will have ongoing scheduled calls once a week. The calls will be recorded so you can access them at any time. On these calls, you will report on your #s from your scorecard, and we will talk about SPECIFIC DEALS that you are working on.
    NOTE: We will not waste any time on “what if” type questions, or anything technical like “how to set up a website, CRM, etc…” All that is covered in the…
  • Flip Empire Academy Wholesaling TrainingThis training sells for $1,997, and you will get it for free if you are invited to join the “Close Deals” small group coaching program. This training is meant to give you the foundation you need, but the focus will be on closing deals, and making money (not on education!)
  • Private Google Group AccessIn addition to our 2 weekly coaching calls, you will have the ability to ask me any question, and mastermind with other members in the group at the same time. This way you can have your questions answered at any time (this is priceless).
  • Accountability PartnerI will personally hold you accountable to your action plan, and will also pair you with another member, as I have found this to be an effective way to make sure you are taking the right action.
  • Me (Alex Pardo) As Your Deal PartnerI want to do more deals… with you! You will
    partner withe me on your first 3 deals (50/50). You are going to be learning by DOING.
    During the 12-week program (3 month) program, you will be focused on marketing, making offers, and following up (and we’re going to have a lot of fun in the process). I’ll walk you through the rest of it…
  • Advanced Automated Wholesaling InstructionI’m a big believer in “just-in-time learning“. This means that at first, we will only focus on steps 1, 2, & 3 (Generating Leads, Sending Offers, Following Up, and Closing Deals!) Once you start closing deals, we will begin to work ON your business. I will share with you my exact process for creating
    and implementing systems, as well as how to hire and build a team of rock stars that will do all the heavy lifting in your wholesaling business!
     At this stage, my goal is to help you build a business that serves you, not a business that you are a slave to…


Here Is What This Can Do For You…

As long as you are an action taker, don’t quit when adversity strikes, follow my instruction, and invest in the marketing and systems that I give you, here is what the “Close Deals” small group coaching program can do for you:

  • Financial Freedom: I have been wholesaling real estate full-time since 2005. I have flipped hundreds of properties, so I know this can be done, and what this business can
    do for you. I have also worked with students that have done this business part-time, and gone from never closing a deal, to closing many deals. My first student was even
    featured on the News because of his success and expertise. This business can be very lucrative, and can provide you and your family with financial freedom (if you work hard/smart, and are willing to take action based on the instruction you will receive).
  • Scalability: The beauty of this business is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a cell phone, laptop (or computer), and an Internet connection. In many cases, you don’t even need that. What you really need is desire and determination to succeed!
  • Time: How would you like to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, however you want, and for as long as you want? Well this business provides you with that opportunity. Do you want to spend more time with your family? Do you want to take time off and travel? Do you want to decide when you come and go without having to get permission from your boss? Or maybe you just want to help your favorite charity or organization by donating your time (or money)? This is all possible if you put in the work!
  • A Business That Works For You: You want to build a profitable business that runs and operates with or without you. By putting in the right systems, and hiring the right people, you can accomplish this with your wholesaling business. Once we get to that step, I’ll show you how…
  • I call it…”Sleep Well At Night :-)”: Knowing you have the right coach in your corner can be an amazing feeling. Someone that is not only there to answer your questions, but also someone to hold you accountable and push you in the direction of your goals. Forget about all the details for now…I will walk you through the process by keeping it simple. We’ll focus on the first few steps, and I’ll be there for you when you start getting deals. Keep in mind that I will not be doing deals FOR YOU. I will be doing deals WITH YOU.
    This way you will learn as we do it. Cool?
  • Gain National Exposure: If you close a deal (and that’s our main goal), I would love to interview you on my podcast, The Flip Empire Show. This is a great opportunity to connect with my growing audience, and potentially grow your business by building your cash buyers list, joint venturing with other wholesalers, connecting with private lenders, and maybe even coaching your own students.


Here Is Who I Can Help
(if you meet certain requirements)…

The small group “Close Deals” coaching program will only be available for a select 6-8 people. It is by application only, and you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must understand that THIS IS NOT a get rich quick scheme. While I have succeeded at this business, as well as other students I’ve worked with, results are not typical, therefore I CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS. You are responsible for your success based on your work ethic, dedication, and perseverance when challenges arise.
    I don’t work with whiners and complainers. I surround myself with cool, positive, like-minded people, and this small group coaching will not be any different.
  • You must be an ACTION TAKER, be coachable, and willing to be held accountable!
    This is big.
  • You must have a budget of $1,000 per month to spend on marketing (and certain tools I’m going to recommend). If you at least have $500 per month you can spend on marketing, we can work with that… Marketing is the lifeblood of this business, so this is critical to your success.
  • You must be willing to send at least 5 offers per day! These are the type’s of actions
    that “move the needle” in your business. The leverage points that generate revenue for you. Don’t worry about the “how”, or all the details, as I’ll walk you through it…
  • You must be committed to devoting at least 20 hours a week to this business. Rome wasn’t built a day, and neither will your wholesaling business. It will take time, work, and energy, but it will be worth it.
  • You must be willing to invest in yourself, and in your business! I don’t know anyone successful that doesn’t invest in themselves. Your brain is your biggest asset, and you are the best investment you can ever make. Coaching isn’t cheap, so if you’re broke, or only want to pay for the coaching out of future deals, I will not be able to help you at this time. Check out my podcast, where I provide a lot of free, valuable information:
    The Flip Empire Show.
  • You must be DECISIVE! I want to work with someone that can make a decision on the spot. If you submit your application, and you are invited to join the program, you need to be prepared to make a decision: “Yes, this is for me”, or “No, this is not for me”. “No’s” are perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, this program isn’t for everyone, just a select few. If you need to discuss this with your spouse (coming from a married man, I highly recommend this :-)), please make sure they are able to join on the strategy call when we speak on the phone. Sound good?


How Much Will This Cost?

What is the cost if you don’t invest in yourself, and in this coaching program? Are you happy with your current results? Ask yourself if anything will change for you by not taking action?

Then think about how much you can make if you do just 1 deal a month? $5,000? $10,000? $20,000 (or more)?

The cost will be significantly less than most coaching programs out there, and a lot less than I have charged in the past. That is why I am requiring everyone to split their first 3 deals with me (50/50).

Schedule a strategy call below, and if you meet the requirements above, and are invited to join the program, we will discuss the investment. Believe me it’s a lot more affordable than you might think…especially for the insane value you are getting.

Here’s the great news… I’ve structured it so you get your entire upfront investment back, by closing deals with me! Aside from the fact that we’ll be making money together, I have a vested interest in your success! I’m passionate about helping people, and I’d love for you to provide me with a testimonial 🙂


Is There A Guarantee?

Please don’t take offense to this, but if you need a guarantee, this is not for you.

Any coach that guarantees your success is full of #@&^ (in my opinion anyway). No one can guarantee your success but you! I have no idea how hard you will work, and/or if you will take any action, so how can I give you a guarantee?

However, you know what I can guarantee you? I guarantee you that if you don’t take the right action you will not succeed. If you don’t send marketing, offers, and follow up, you are not going to close any deals. The “Close Deals” program is focused on getting you to close deals, and then showing you how to automate this business.


Here Is What You Need To Do Next…

Schedule a strategy session below, and go through the short application process. I’m limiting this to 8 people or less, so once it fills up, it’s officially closed. Once you fill out the application, we’ll be in contact. If I feel you’re a good fit for the program, I’ll extend you an invite, and will need you to make a decision. Fair enough?



Act Fast… I Am Limiting This To A Small Group Of
8 People (or Less). It Will Fill Up…

Schedule Your Strategy Session Below,
And Complete The Short Application: